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5v5 Full Court Rules

League fees $485.00 per team + $40.00 per game for official/scorekeeper.
  1. Each team may start a game with 3 players. All players must fill out a waiver before playing due to liability.
  2. Each game will consist of two 18 minute halves with a running clock, except in the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half if the score is within 10 points or less.
  3. Time out: each team will be allowed 4 per game and can advance the ball to half court as needed.
  4. Overtime – The first team to score 6 points in overtime will win. Each team will be allowed 1 time out. All fouls carry-over.
  5. All teams must provide matching jersey’s with a number on the back. 6. No jewelry or caps will be worn during play.
  6. A player will foul out after 6 fouls, including any technical fouls.
  7. Any player receiving a technical foul will be required to sit out 1
  8. minute. Any player ejected must leave the court immediately and must sit out the following game. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit for their team.
  9. Any player throwing a punch, whether it lands or not, will be ejected from the game and be required to sit out a minimum of 1 additional game.
  10. There will be zero tolerance for: profanity, taunting, whining or trash talking. Jeff’s Sports Connection has the right to remove a player for any reason at any time.
  11. Rosters are now required. Any player on a team roster may not play for another team in the same division during that season. Result would be a forfeit.
  12. Free throws will be shot on the 6th team foul. Double bonus on the 10th foul.
  13. In case of a forfeit all officials fees must be paid in full by the start of the teams next scheduled game.
  14. Please have your officials fees and line-up turned in to your scorekeeper BEFORE your scheduled start time. Credit card payment can be made with your scorekeeper.
  15. All other CIF rules will apply.